Fashion Sustainability - FL Conference |3-4-5 november

FL_Fashion Sustainability – International Conference, is an International Conference focused on Sustainability issues within Fashion and related disciplines. It is proposed to be a meeting place for Industry, Business and Academia, open to different approaches and to the exchange of experiences and knowledge. Thus, an open Conference format is sought, where the communications cohabit with the presentation of projects in exhibition format, or other, thus raising the richness of sharing.

The Conference is based on 5 main thematic areas: Fashion Sustainability; Fashion Trends Communication; Fashion and Audiovisual for Sustainability; Fashion Tradition and Identity; Education for Fashion Sustainability.
It will feature plenary sessions and parallel sessions for the presentation of research projects, as well as exhibition spaces and interactive sessions for the presentation of author and industry projects.

It is urgent to discuss Sustainability in all its variants, such as the economic, environmental and social levels, focusing on areas such as Fashion, whose industry is one of the most responsible for environmental damage that is constantly increasing.
While it is true that the theme of sustainability takes us back to the environmental aspect, it is also emerging to discuss this theme from a social perspective. It is important to recover the knowledge and values of minorities, such as the elderly and artisans, valuing those citizens and their precious knowledge in the community.
As economic sustainability is crucial for the business success of brands, industry, small and medium enterprises, it will always have to be a central theme in any discussion on sustainability in Fashion.

Sustainability and Circularity are very rich themes that still leave a lot of ground to be discovered. Portugal is one of the countries in the front line in terms of Textile and Clothing Industry investment in sustainability. In order to enrich the knowledge of the environment, it is important to share the projects that are emerging through the various stakeholders, Academia and the business world.

3-4 november

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